Division of Student Life


The three sections of the TIER@IOWA project Include, OneIT, HR-01 and Shared Services.  The TIER Re-design Project allows the university the opportunity to create a stronger, more responsive organization that can better serve the university community. 

DSL TIER Implementation team 


Represent the Division of Student Life stakeholder interests by working with Share Services; provide suggestions to college leadership regarding the development, implementation and evaluation of college TIER initiatives. Cultivate dialogue about TIER throughout the division and campus, share key information with stakeholders and bring their feedback to the DSL Leadership.

Key functions

  • Serve as a sounding board to division leadership regarding implementation and engagement of campus.
  • Participate in planning Division of Student Life implementations of TIER initiatives.
  • Promote transparency whenever possible and maintain confidentiality with sensitive issues.
  • Provide relevant feedback to division leadership and implementation tea, on TIER initiative.
  • Generate understanding of TIER and cultivate employee ownership by providing staff with accurate information and being a conduit for feedback.
  • Proactively communicate with others working on TIER to clarify understanding/resolve issues.
  • Demonstrate support for the division leadership team and other key stakeholders.
  • Work collaboratively for the greater good of the Division of Student Life and UI campus community.
  • Attend majority of meetings; notify Chair when unable to attend
  • Review materials prior to meetings.
  • Assist with keeping meetings on track.


Tom Rocklin, Vice President Division of Student Life, sponsors the Division of Student Life TIER Implementation Team with oversight of the DSL Leadership. 

The Division of Student Life TIER implementation team will consist of the following members:

  • Sarah Hansen, Assistant Vice President for Student Life Assessment & Strategic Initiatives
  • Bret Gothe, Director of Strategic Communications & External Relations (TIER Communication Ambassador)
  • Scott Seagren, Budget Officer, DSL
  • Lori Berger, HR Director, DSL (Chair)
  • Brandon Mills, IT Director, DSL (TIER representative for the IT initiatives and will provide regular updates to the DSL TIER Implementation Team)

Latest updates

As part of the Implementation Team key functions the Division of Student Life, this page will be updated periodically with news items for each of the TIER branches. An overall summary of TIER across the University of Iowa can be found at, tier.uiowa.edu. For any specific questions relating to the Division of Student Life and TIER, contact Lori Berger by email at lori-berger@uiowa.edu.



  • Senior HR Representative, dual reporting to Org VP and UI HR VP for Human Resources-Complete
  • HR Representatives to be 100% dedicated HR staff and administrative reporting to Senior HR Representative
  • Recommended structure was accepted August 25. View the new structure [PDF].

Shared services

  • Goal: streamline financial transactions and enhance effectiveness and efficiency in financial operation.
  • University Financial Shared Services will be a virtual centralized department, with staff located in departments but reporting to the Shared Services organization.
  • No one will lose their job as a result of this.
  • Everyone affected will have an opportunity to voice concerns, thoughts, and questions in both individual and group settings.
  • Introduction to Shared Services Redesign Process (PPT)

Updates - shared services

  • Nov. 9/10: Lori Berger and Scott Seagren will begin meetings to start the conversation.
  • Nov. 9/10: Shared services staff met with eligible employees to discuss their role in shared services. Staff provided 2 week to decide if they wanted to volunteer for shared services.
  • Dec. 1: DSL TIER Implementation Team met with shared services group to review volunteers and make recommendations for volunteers. Finalized list of staff included in the shared services team for the division.
  • Dec 6/7: Lori Berger met to inform staff chosen for shared services team, also informed staff and supervisors not selected.
  • Dec. 7: Announcement of shared services team to departmental directors, division leadership, and staff.
  • Dec 12: Informational Session (open to all division staff)
    1:00pm to 2:00pm – Iowa Theater (166 IMU)
  • Dec. 14: Informational Session (open to all division staff)
    3:00pm to 4:00pm – Illinois Room (348 IMU)
  • Dec. 16: Informational Session (open to all division staff)
    8:30am-9:30am – Room 22 College of Nursing Building (Auditorium in the Nursing Building)


Will TIER really result in cost savings?

Proposed cost savings have been validated and University leadership will be held accountable for achieving those stated cost savings. 

Will the changes be temporary?

No — the changes will not be temporary. The competitive landscape of higher education will require us to sustain the improvements we make through TIER. 

What is the timeline?

Timelines vary for each college/division and each initiative. In general, TIER implementation is scheduled to be completed in Dec. 2018.

Will people lose their jobs?

Individual job assignments may change, but no one will lose their employment as a result of TIER.

How will change management be handled?

Change management is the process we use to help people get ready, willing, and able to work in new ways. Each project team is incorporating change management and communication into their project plans, and we have two dedicated UI Change Consultants to provide coaching and support. A campus-wide Communications Committee has been established to help coordinate communication across all initiatives.

Are there concerns that the diagnosis from the outside consultants will be incomplete or inaccurate?

UI has had a lot of input into the consultants' findings so we do not anticipate major surprises in their findings and recommendations.