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High Five Nomination

Nominate a colleague for making a difference in the Division of Student Life!  

Nomination form

This form will be forwarded to your supervisor for review.

Questions? Contact the Vice President of Student Life’s office at 319-335-3557

Nomination Criteria and Process

Nominate a colleague for making a difference in the Division of Student Life! 

Who is eligible?

All DSL staff and students.

How do I nominate someone?

Nominate someone by filling out the form above. 

Criteria for evaluating nominees (DSL values)

Nominations will be evaluated based on the Division of Student Life values and mission, and how the nominee or action exemplifies them.


We invest time and energy into partnering for the greater good of student success. You are our partner.


We provide communities where individuals of all identities are believed, cared for, and empowered. You are welcome here.  


We are honest, reliable and extend goodwill to others. You can count on us.  


We are a catalyst for forward action, even when it is unpopular. You inspire us.  


We use assessment, critique, reflection, and research as tools for improvement. You make us better.  


We recognize and value the views and dignity of each person, even when we disagree. You are valuable.

When are nominations due?

Nominations are due by the third Friday of every month at noon. 

Who evaluates the nominations?

Nominees are considered on a monthly basis by the Staff Development Committee. 

How many awards will be given away each month?

Up to five awards will be given away each month (high five, get it?)