Barry Schreier

Director, University Counseling Service


Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, University of Missouri-Kansas City

B.A. in Psychology, the University of Michigan

Past Positions

  • Director, Counseling Center, University of Connecticut
  • Coordinator of Training, Counseling Center, Purdue University
  • Staff Psychologist, Counseling Center, Auburn University

What I Like Best About the University of Iowa

A friend of mine always tells me, "Working on a university campus is the five-star hotel of the mental health profession." He's right!!  Iowa is a diverse and multicultural campus representing a complex and textured coming together of a variety of beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, opinions, and world views.  Having the opportunity to live and work amongst such students, staff, faculty, administrators, and families is a privilege.  Working with caring staff and faculty assures me of a rich "village" response when students need help.  And working with a talented student body assures me that when students ask for help, they will improve their lives and achieve their personal and academic goals.