Multicultural Resources for Staff

The Division’s mission is to support student success, which includes assisting students in developing their understanding of multiculturalism.

We view our role, as Division staff members, as critical in helping students gain this understanding. In order to optimize our effectiveness in facilitating student development in this area, we have committed, as a Division, to increasing staff multicultural knowledge, awareness, and skills. On a practical level, having multicultural knowledge, awareness, and skills enhances our ability to do our jobs and it better prepares our students to succeed in theirs.

The following pages are meant to provide practical resources to support staff members in continuing to develop their multicultural knowledge and skills. These pages are organized into four different sections:

  • The Story section provides an opportunity to hear the voice of an individual who may have that identity or may be speaking about that issue.
  • The Primer section provides introductory information on that topic to help staff members become more informed about the issues.
  • The Video and Discussion section provides links to videos and outlines three discussion questions to help staff members begin to have conversations in the workplace.
  • The Want to Learn More section has a link to a downloadable document that outlines more resources related to that particular topic including research articles, books, and websites.  

Individuals who identify with these communities reviewed and provided feedback on these pages. We recognize that the stories, articles, videos, and resources may not fully capture the experiences of these groups. We also recognize that our resource documents are not comprehensive. We welcome and appreciate your feedback on these pages as well as any additional resources you have. Please email to provide feedback, ask questions, or send additional resources.

A survey of the Division of Student Life was completed to determine what staff members would like to learn more about in the areas of multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion. The following five topic areas were identified:

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