Shelly Campo - Associate Dean, Administrative Affairs, Graduate College


Tanya Villhauer - Associate Director, Harm Reduction & Strategic Initiatives, DSL


Ben Colin - Athletics

Nicole Gorny - VP Risk Reduction & Management, Panhellenic Council

Avon Lee, President, Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

Emma Geary - President, Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Ellie Lenz - U of I Student Government, Health & Safety Committee Chair 

Erin Klage - President, Panhellenic Council (PHC)

Laura Villarreal - VP Membership, Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

Joe Reed - VP for Business, Campus Activities Board

Nick Adam - VP Risk Reduction & Management, Interfraternity Council

Jason Pierce-Vazquez - President, Interfraternity Council (IFC)

Devin Francis - VP Risk Management & Education, National Pan-Hellenic Council

Fredrick Cherry, Jr. - President, National Pan-Hellenic Council

Brynnon Harman - President, Strength in Numbers


Mirra Anson - Director, Retention & Early Intervention 

Brian Baxter - Senior Associate Director, Recreational Services

Gary Barta - Athletics Director, Athletics

Andrew Beckett - Assistant Dean, Office of the Provost 

George Bergus - Faculty, Family Medicine

Nick Bowman - Associate Professor, Higher Education & Student Affairs

Kari Budnik - Assistant Director - Sports Programs, Recreational Services

Anita Cory - Associate Director, Center for Student Involvement and Leadership

Brent Gage - Associate Vice President, Admissions

Bret Gothe - Director, IMU Marketing & Design

Kathryn Hall - Sr. Director, Academic Programs & Student Development, CLAS

Susan Junis - University Prevention Education Coordinator, Rape Victim Advocacy Program

Josh Kennedy - Security Supervisor, Public Safety

Bob Kirby - Associate Director, Honors Program

Darrel Kirby - Clinical Social Worker, University Counseling Service

Nellie Link - Associate Director, Center for Student Involvement and Leadership

Erin McHale - Coordinator, Fraternity & Sorority Life Programs

Bill Nelson - Director, IMU and Center for Student Involvement and Leadership

Jeniece Nott - Psychiatrist, Student Health & Wellness

Kara Park - Associate Director, Operations & Events, Athletcis - Academic Services

Angie Reams - Assistant Dean of Students/Director, Student Care & Assistance

Nailah Roberts - University Prevention Education Coordinator, Rape Victim Advocacy Program

Katherine Ron - Sr. Advisor, International Health, Safety & Security

Barry Schreier - Director, University Counseling Service 

Melissa Shivers - Vice President, Division of Student Life

Art Spisak - Director, Honors Program  

Michael Takacs - Faculty, Emergency Medicine

Greg Thompson - Director, Residence Education

JT Timmons - Director, Recreational Services

Elizabeth Tovar - Associate Athletics Director, Academic Services

Jatin Vaidya - Faculty, Department of Psychology

Mike Valentine - Intramural Coordinator, Recreational Services

Shaun Vecera - Faculty, Department of Psychology

Gayle Walter - Lecturer, Health & Human Physiology

Trisha Welter - Associate Director, Student Wellness

Lucy Wiederholt - Associate Director and Chief, Public Safety

Andrew Winkelmann - Director, Educational Programming, Athletics – Academic Services

Ex Officio Members

Anne Bassett - Writer, Office of Strategic Communication

Jason Brummond - The Daily Iowan

Hira Mustafa - President, U of I Student Government 

Sarah Hansen - Assistant Vice President, Division of Student Life  

Jeri King - Executive Committee, Staff Council

Russ Ganim - President, Faculty Senate