Week 16 Conversation Starters

Finals week has arrived. Students are studying hard, finishing projects, papers, and take-homes, and soon, will be heading out of town. Many students haven’t learned yet (most of us don’t until much later in life) that stressful times are the times to embrace, not abandon, the things that keep us well. We might remind students that sleep, exercise, and smart eating are all more important this week than ever.

I hope each of you gets a little break between the semesters to relax and reflect on the good work you have done for students this semester. Enjoy the holidays! I’ll be back with conversations starters the first week of next semester.

Some conversation starters for this week:

  • How many finals do you have? When are they?
  • When is your next final? What is it in? What kind of questions will it have?
  • How have finals gone?
  • Have you learned anything about yourself as you prepared for finals that will help you during future finals weeks?

Do you have any suggestions for conversation starters that have worked for you?

Thanks for all you do to foster student success. We can all make a difference. 


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