UH&D: How are we doing? Survey

In the fall of 2004, University Housing & Dining partnered with Educational Benchmarking Inc. (EBI) to conduct our first on-line assessment of student satisfaction in the residence halls. This is our “How are we doing?” survey which asks questions that fall into 19 areas, ranging from Food Services to Satisfaction with Fellow Residents to Safety/Security.

This year’s survey at the University of Iowa was administered electronically to every student living the residence halls. A total of 5,800 invitations to participate were sent on November 29. The survey concluded on December 15.

What we will learn from this survey will make a difference in how the residence halls are operated. Based on past surveys conducted, University Housing & Dining has extended our serving hours in the dining halls, responded to concerns about the temperature in residence hall rooms, expanded our residence hall recycling program, added healthier food options to the dining menu, and changed the entire way we conduct programming in the residence halls, to name a few changes.

The data we collected will also allow us to compare our responses to other institutions. Six institutions are selected each year to be Iowa’s “peer group”. The results will also compare us to 60-70 other institutions which are similar in size and type to the UI, as well as comparing us to all 300 responding institutions.

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