SP17 Week 15 Conversation Starters

Well, here we are. The last week of classes has arrived and faculty members will be administering final exams next week. The Iowa Memorial Union and the libraries will be getting more and more crowded until the middle of next week.


And, this is the last time I’ll be sending out conversation reminders, as I’ll be retiring in July. These small conversations we have with students are just one manifestation of the remarkable commitment the faculty and staff of the University of Iowa have to student success. Thank you all for the work you do to support student success. I’m proud of each of you.


I’ll be leaving the file containing these questions behind, and something makes me think that they might just remain a part of the University of Iowa after I leave.


Some conversation starters for this week: 

· How many finals do you have? When are they?

· What are your plans for the summer? Are you planning to take any classes?

· What’s your plan for studying for finals?

· Do you like to study alone, or with others?

· Where are you going to work on papers or study for finals?


Do you have any suggestions for conversation starters that have worked for you?


Thanks for all you do to foster student success. We can all make a difference.


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What's this all about?

In the Division of Student Life, we have made a commitment to try to engage every student we encounter in a brief conversation about their academic work. We do this because we want students to know (a) that their school work is important and (b) that there are adults all around them that care about how they are doing. Each week during the semester, I send out suggestions for conversations starters. 

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