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FALL15 Week 2 Conversation Starters

The questions for this week don't need to be very different from last week's, but now most students will have been to each of their classes, so the answers may be different.

This is a good week to try to help students look forward. Planning is not a strong suit for most of our students, particularly those in the first couple of years of college. It's great when they get to the point of doing work that isn't due tomorrow (or today).

• What class do you think is going to take the most work?
• How does this semester look? What classes are you excited about?
• Have you looked over your syllabus from each class? Are there any weeks that are going to be particularly busy? Lots of tests? projects? papers?
• What are your goals for this semester?
• How are things going with your roommate? (suggested by a reader)

Do you have any suggestions for conversation starters that have worked for you?

Thanks for all you do to foster student success. We can all make a difference.