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FALL15 Week 1 Conversation Starters

Welcome to the new semester! I hope that each of you had a great summer.

Some of our students are about to experience their first week of college; others may be starting their last semester. For all of our students, though, everything is possible now. They have the opportunity to lay the foundation for academic success for the semester with the decisions they make over the next couple of weeks. Let's see if we can help them make good ones.

This morning, most students haven't been to a class yet. As the week goes on, we'll have more opportunities to ask them specifically about their classes. Here are some conversation starters for this week.

  • How was your summer?
  • How does this semester look? What classes are you excited about?
  • Do you have all your classes settled or do you still need to add or drop some?
  • Have you looked over your syllabus from each class? Are there any weeks that are going to be particularly busy? Lots of tests? projects? papers?
  • What are your goals for this semester?

Do you have any suggestions for conversation starters that have worked for you?

Thanks for all you do to foster student success. We can all make a difference.