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Photo of Melissa S. Shivers, PhD, Vice President for Student Life

Melissa S. Shivers, PhD, Vice President for Student Life

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed spending time with your students over winter break and are prepared to send them back to campus next week. We are looking forward to seeing their faces. As a reminder, classes start on Tuesday, January 16.

As we begin a new year, I am excited to share some points of pride with you from across campus. There are many exciting initiatives at UI, many of which come out of the Division of Student Life.

Student Health and Wellness

We have a team of great professionals who serve as a resource for students looking to embrace a healthy lifestyle. In previous newsletters, I have shared information about counseling services, but did you know that we also provide other services?

This semester students can sign up for free workshops that focus on Intuitive Eating, a program that teaches students about the importance of having a healthy relationship between food, body, and mind. These workshops last 4 weeks and are open to all students.

On January 29, students can also start a 5-week challenge focusing on nutrition, fitness, time management & mindful eating, sleep, stress management & spiritual health, and healthy relationships. The Game of a Healthier Life is a fun and interactive way for students to spend some time focusing on sustainable habits that lead to a well-balanced life.

Campus Safety

The safety of UI students is of paramount importance. I am so proud to share with you that Iowa was recently ranked as one of the top 100 safest college campuses . We know that you have entrusted us with your students, and we will continue to prioritize their well-being.   

Tutor Iowa

Offered through Academic Support and Retention, Tutor Iowa is a resource for students who are seeking academic assistance and mentoring to support their classwork. Students can participate in workshops and study labs, or arrange sessions with private tutors.

If your student is looking for extra help with their coursework, please encourage them to seek assistance.

A Look Back at 2017

2017 was a great year at Iowa. I’d like to end my note by sharing a video of highlights from the year. 

Thank you for all you do to support the University of Iowa. 

All my best,

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Melissa S. Shivers, PhD
Vice President for Student Life

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