5 Weeks to Wellness

Student Health & Wellness will be offering the 5 Weeks to Wellness program for students this spring. It will run from Monday, February 1st through Sunday, March 6th. The 5-week challenge focuses on exercise, nutrition and well-being. Participants will work on weekly goals, and receive expert tips and support.

Students who participate will track their progress on the 5 Weeks to Wellness scorecard or online through ICON. They will try to receive as many “tokens” as possible by eating healthy, exercising regularly and improving their self-care habits. The goal is at least 50 tokens. Prizes will be awarded.

Last year, students who participated in the program reported significant increases in servings of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and water. Participants also significantly increased days of strength training and flexibility.

Students can register for 5 Weeks to Wellness online by visiting studenthealth.uiowa.edu/5-weeks-to-wellness.

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