Hancher-Finkbine Medallion

medallionTo recognize leadership, learning, and loyalty, the tradition of awarding Hancher-Finkbine Medallions was established in 1964. They are named for the founder of the Finkbine Dinner, William O. Finkbine, and for Virgil M. Hancher, a student guest at the first dinner who served for 24 years as president of the University, and who, to an unusual degree, exemplified the three characteristics for which the awards are given. Seven medallions are awarded annually, to four outstanding students, one professor, one staff member and a graduate who has attained special distinction.


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Nomination process

Each year the Finkbine Dinner Committee composed of students, staff and faculty and an alumnus select the recipients of the Hancher-Finkbine Medallions. Student and faculty recipients are informed of their selection by the collegiate dean and publicly announced at the Finkbine Dinner for representative student leaders held each April/May in the Iowa Memorial Union. More...

2019 medallion recipients

2018 medallion recipients

2017 medallion recipients

2016 medallion recipients

2015 medallion recipients

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Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Undergraduate
Patrick Bartoski, Tippie College of Business
Presenter: President Sally Mason


Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Undergraduate
Allison Kindig, College of Engineering
Presenter: President Sally Mason


Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Graduate/Professional
Ashley Danielle Brosius, College of Law
Presenter: President Sally Mason


Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Graduate/Professional
Kira Pasquesi, Graduate College / Education
Presenter: President Sally Mason


Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Faculty
Robert Mutel, Physics & Astronomy, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Presenter: President Sally Mason


Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Staff
Elaine Brown, College of Dentistry
Presenter: President Sally Mason


Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Alumni
Carolyn C. Jones
Presenter: President Sally Mason



2014 medallion recipients

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Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Undergraduate
Ericka Marie Tank, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Presenter: President Sally Mason


Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Undergraduate
Katherine Jillian Valde, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Presenter: President Sally Mason


Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Graduate/Professional
Wanakee Carr, College of Medicine
Presenter: President Sally Mason


Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Graduate/Professional
Ben Gillig, College of Education/Graduate College
Presenter: President Sally Mason


Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Faculty
Eric G. Andersen, College of Law
Presenter: President Sally Mason


Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Staff
Patrick Dolphin Leahy, Iowa Memorial Union
Presenter: President Sally Mason


Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Alumni
Thomas Hanson
Presenter: President Sally Mason


2013 medallion recipients

Kyle J. Oskvig, Liberal Arts & Sciences

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Undergraduate
Kyle J. Oskvig, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Presenter: President Sally Mason

Nic Pottebaum, Liberal Arts & Sciences

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Undergraduate
Nic Pottebaum, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Award accepted by his father, Larry
Presenter: President Sally Mason

Todd Appel

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Graduate/Professional
Michael Todd Appel, Law
Presenter: President Sally Mason

Shady Henien

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Graduate/Professional
Shady Henien, Carver College of Medicine
Presenter: President Sally Mason

William Eichinger

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Faculty
William Eichinger, Engineering
Presenter: President Sally Mason

Gail Ardery 

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Staff
Gail Ardery, Pharmacy
Presenter: President Sally Mason

Janice Ellig

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Alumni
Janice Ellig, B.B.A. '68
Presenter: President Sally Mason



2012 medallion recipients

Manish Aggarwal

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Graduate/Professional
Manish Aggarwal, Medicine
President Sally Mason, Presenter

Amy J. Beier

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Graduate/Professional
Amy J. Beier, Law
President Sally Mason, Presenter

Brittany Anne Caplin

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Undergraduate
Brittany Anne Caplin
President Sally Mason, Presenter

Elliot W. Higgins 

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Undergraduate
Elliot W. Higgins
President Sally Mason, Presenter

Nicholas Colangelo

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Faculty
Nicholas Colangelo
College of Education
President Sally Mason, Presenter

Dinette Myers 

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Staff
Dinette Myers
President Sally Mason, Presenter

Joseph "Joe" N. Crowley

Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, Alumni
Joseph "Joe" N. Crowley, B.A. '59
President Sally Mason, Presenter


Previous student medallion recipients

Year Name Major
2011 Harb Harb Medicine
  Lyndsay A. Harshman Medicine
  Christopher Michael Page Liberal Arts
  Roberto Paniagua Business Administration
  John Robert Rigby Liberal Arts
2010 Eric A. Kaiser Medicine / Graduate
  Laura J. Nass Business Administration
  Timothy M. Paschkewitz Graduate
  Eric Roberts Reynolds Liberal Arts
  Robert Howard Sand Law
2009 Erin B. Cavanagh Business Administration
  Alexandra Barrett Keenan Engineering
  Alexandra Nica Graduate
  Florin Ilie Oprescu Public Health
2008 Barrett James Anderson Liberal Arts
  Meredith J. DeBoom Liberal Arts
  Crystal Elizabeth Edler Graduate
  Christopher Paul Hogrefe Medicine
  Carole Marie Peterson Liberal Arts
2007 James Allen Ankrum Engineering
  Jonathan Lee William Gajdos Graduate
  Thomas A. Niblock Business Administration
  Justin Matthew Weis Medicine
2006 Sara Ann Brenner Medicine
  Lauren McCarthy Liberal Arts
  Andrew Mark Thomas Liberal Arts
  Sara Celeste Vigmostad Engineering / Graduate
2005 Cheryl Davenport Business Administration
  Ryann Juden Law
  Kenneth E. Richardson Medicine / Graduate
2004 Peter W. Cho Dentistry
  Nate J. Green Liberal Arts
  R. Chace Ramey Law
2003 Jesse Elliot Liberal Arts
  Helen Joanna Arabella Fuller Engineering
  Kyle Jason Kaiser Law
  David L. Rasanen Medicine
  Andrew J. Stoll Business & Liberal Arts
2002 Michael Brooks Liberal Arts
  Kristi Schmidt Engineering
  Neil Bubke Law
  Tracy Reittinger Medicine
2001 Jennifer Beaty Medicine
  Carl Hitscherich, Jr. Engineering
  Nicole Joy Kirkwood Liberal Arts
  Adam White Liberal Arts
2000 Julia Ann Di Gangi Liberal Arts
  Chad R. Doobay Liberal Arts
  Sadath Sayeed Medicine
  Debra L. Schutte Nursing
1999 Annette Churee Dietz Engineering
  Amanda Ennis Engineering
  Jennifer E. Horan Law
  Kristin Kaye Lee Business Administration
1998 William Jonathan Cardi Law
  Chad J. Doellinger Liberal Arts
  Anthony S. Gabrielson Liberal Arts
  Scott T. Guenthner Medicine
1997 Latonia Haney Business Administration
  Robin Charlene Hawkins Liberal Arts
  Marta Hemmingson Medicine
1996 Dawn Marie Drake Dentistry
  Cher Mosbrucker Business Administration
  Camnhung Thi Nguyen Liberal Arts
  David K. Zich Medicine
1995 Kristy L. Albrecht Law
  Jaymie Lynn Braun Engineering
  Stacie Lynn Fatka Liberal Arts
  Brenton Berl Koch Medicine
  Tanya Sue Kopps Business Administration
1994 Ali Junaid Husain Liberal Arts
  Pranav Pravinkant Patel Engineering
  Ingrid Jean Schwarz Dentistry
  Adel Kabir Younoszai Medicine
1993 Trina Ann Buhr Engineering
  Joseph J. Merchant Medicine
  Eric Webb Nelson Dentistry
1992 Karen Louise Baker Engineering
  Deborah H. Bjornstad Law
  Patricia M. Matthews Graduate
  Natalie Spears Business Administration
1991 Bradley Lamar Allen Medicine
  J. David Brown Liberal Arts
  Lori S. VanderLeest Medicine
1990 Laura Frey Engineering
  Ajili Hodari Law
  Louis Arthur Licht Graduate
1989 Robert Alan Beardsley Graduate
  Dolores M. Duran-Cerda Liberal Arts
  Cynthia E. Nance Law
  Mary A. Snyder Liberal Arts
  Richard A. Wayman Liberal Arts
1988 Craig A. Canby Graduate
  Deborath Jean McKechnie Graduate
  J. Paul Oetken Liberal Arts
  Kim Kirsten Williams Business Administration
1987 Elise Burmeister Engineering
  Rodney W. Dynes Medicine
  Julie A. Haugen Engineering
  Michael R. Reck Liberal Arts
  Judith A. Westhoff Liberal Arts
1986 Jeffrey S. McKinney Engineering
  Elizabeth J. Matt Liberal Arts
  Charles DuMond Graduate
  Jeffrey L. Stein Law
1985 Albert J. Allen Medicine
  Rhett E. Livengood Engineering
  Jerry Ross Parkinson Law
  Lee Roorda Schott Liberal Arts
1984 Scott Alan Anderson Liberal Arts
  Susan Rae Wente Liberal Arts
  Diane Kjaer Johnson Graduate
  Michael J. Brody Law
  Bill Hoon Kim Medicine
1983 William J. Farrell Engineering
  John M. Baker Liberal Arts
  Margo J. Geppert Medicine
  Thomas Getz Medicine
1982 Daniel J. Bonthius Liberal Arts
  Kim S. Bridgford Graduate
  Julie M. Chelsik Liberal Arts
  Susan R. Goodner Medicine
1981 David E. Arens Liberal Arts
  Kimberly K. Cox Liberal Arts
  Kathleen B. Digre Medicine
  Jo Anne M. Rummelhart Dentistry
1980 David K. Bucher Medicine
  Clifford W. Cornelius Dentistry
  Bette K. Miller Liberal Arts
  Carol L. Roge Liberal Arts
  Roger W. Stone Law
1979 Michael J. Kanellis Dentistry
  Jo Ellen Linder Medicine
  Paul J. McAndrew, Jr. Liberal Arts
  Siiri A. Sloat Engineering
1978 Benita J. Dilley Liberal Arts
  Dennis R. Kruse Engineering
  Alvin C. Matthews Dentistry
  Linda Sue Olson Dentistry
  Lorraine R. Welp Liberal Arts
1977 Michelle Ansorge Liberal Arts
  David L. Fenchel Liberal Arts
  Diane D. Fuller Dentistry
  Robert T. Kohl Graduate
1976 Brooks W. Booker III Dentistry
  Calvin C. Christensen Business Administration
  Norman B. Coleman Law
  Carol Ann Dahl Liberal Arts
  Robert J. Elliot Liberal Arts
  Kathleen M. Laughman Liberal Arts
  Casey D. Mahon Law
1975 Eva J. Cram Business Adminstration
  Eva C. Dahl Dentistry
  John H. Hedge Graduate
  James M. Walter, Jr. Dentistry
1974 Jane Evans Nursing
  Patricia Neal Law
  Gail Adams Oliver Dentistry
  John S. Olmsted Dentistry
  William R. Price Liberal Arts
1973 Peter P. Aran Liberal Arts
  Hannah Rose Arterian Law
  Sterling J. Laaveg Medicine
  Phyllis M. May Liberal Arts
1972 Donald G. Johnson, Jr. Engineering
1971 Paul C. Hermanson Dentistry
1970 James M. Moses Medicine
1969 Randall Scott Swisher Liberal Arts
1968 Michahel Shea Liberal Arts
1967 Michael Martin Law
1966 Dennis L. Pauling Engineering

Previous faculty medallion recipients

Year Name Major
2011 Michael W. O'Hara Liberal Arts
2010 David Joseph Depew Graduate
2009 Karen A. Baker Dentistry
2008 Gary Fethke Business
2007 Jay D. Currie Pharmacy
2006 Paul R. Greenough Liberal Arts
2005 Toni Tripp-Reimer Nursing
2004 Peter E. Nathan Public Health
2003 Jean Y. Jew Medicine
2002 Paul Muhly Liberal Arts
2001 David H. Vernon Law
2000 Jerald L. Schnoor Engineering
1999 James D. Marshall Education
1998 James B. Lindberg Liberal Arts
1997 William R. Grigsby Dentistry
1996 Nancy R. Hauserman Business Administration
1995 David E. Klemm Liberal Arts
1994 Lloyd E. Matheson Pharmacy
1993 Mary Patricia Donahue Nursing
1992 Richard Melvin Caplan Medicine
1991 N. William Hines Law
1990 William Klink Liberal Arts
1989 Gene F. Parkin Engineering
1988 Bill Carl F. Snider Education
1987 Gilbert E. Lilly Dentistry
1986 Gerhard Loewenberg Liberal Arts
1985 Jude P. West Business Administration
1984 Dale E. Wurster Pharmacy
1983 Joanne C. McCloskey Nursing
1982 Donald Bruce Johnson Political Science & Liberal Arts and Sciences
1981 Willard L. Boyd Law
  Arthur A. Spector Medicine
1980 Arthur E. Bonfield Law
1979 George M. Lance Engineering
1978 John H. Haefer Education
  M.L. Huit Student Services
1977 Dewey B. Stuit Liberal Arts
1976 Ralph C. Appleby Dentistry
1975 Eleanor M. Birch Business Administration
1970 George W. Forell Religion & Liberal Arts and Sciences
1969 A. Craig Baird Speech & Liberal Arts and Sciences
1967 Allan D. Vestal Law

Previous staff medallion recipients

Year Name
2011 Lyra W. Dickerson
2010 Linda M. Curran
2009 Fred W. Streicher
2008 Kathy A. Klein
2007 Marian V. I. Muste

Previous alumni medallion recipients

Year Name Degree
2011 P. Sue Beckwith B.A. '80 & M.D. '84
2010 Richard E. Emmert B.S. '51
2009 Yvonne L. "Bonnie" Slatton Ph.D. '64
2008 Charles M. Kierscht B.A. '60 & J.D. '62
2007 Shirley Rich Krohn B.F.A. '46
2006 Darrell D. Wyrick B.S.C.E. '56 & M.A. '57
2005 Pearl L. Cheng B.S. '81
2004 John Pappajohn B.S.C. '52
2003 Christine H.B. Grant B.A. '69
2002 Henry B. Tippie B.S. '49
2001 Marian Rees B.A. '51
2000 Dennis L. Boatman B.A. '62 & M.S. '64 & M.D. '66
1999 Lilia A. Abron Ph.D. '72
1998 Marvin A. Pomerantz B.S. '52
1997 Carol J. Reasoner B.A. '73 & J.D. '76
1996 Samuel L. Becker B.A. '47 & M.A. '49 & Ph.D. '53
1995 Trudy Huskamp Peterson Ph.D. '75
1994 S.J. Brownlee B.A. '48
1993 Juanita Kidd Stout B.A. '39
1992 Irving B. Weber B.A. '22
1991 Mary Louise Smith B.A. '35
1990 James Van Allen M.A. '36 & Ph.D. '54
1989 Jewel Limar Prestage M.A. '52 & Ph.D. '54
1988 Clark Houghton B.A. '44 & J.D. '49
1987 Dorothy K. Ray B.A. '44 & M.A. '45
1986 Simon Estes B.S. '86
1985 Mary Louise Petersen B.A. '51
1984 Nicholas Meyer B.A. '68
1983 Jill N. McLaughlin B.A. '53
  Robert F. Ray M.A. '45 & Ph.D. '47
1982 D.C. Spriestersbach M.A. '40 & Ph.D. '48
1981 May Brodbeck M.A. '45 & Ph.D. '47
1980 Donald P. Lay B.A. '49 & J.D. '51
1979 Erling Larson M.D. '48
1978 Don W. Burrington LL.B. '31
1977 Nolden Gentry B.A. '60 & J.D. '64
1976 Mary Jane Odell B.A. '45
1972 Allin W. Dakin B.A. '26, M.A. '27
1971 C. Maxwell Stanley B.S.A.A. '26, M.S. '30
1970 Philip D. Adler B.A. '26
1969 Howard R. Bowen Ph.D. '35
1968 David A. Dancer B.A. '17

Previous special medallion recipients

Year Name
1998 Belinda Lantz Marner
1991 Philip G. Hubbard