The Finkbine Dinner

The first annual dinner for representative Iowa men was held February 21, 1917, with William O. Finkbine, 1878A, 1880L, of Des Moines, and Carl Kuhnle, 1881A, 1882L, of Denison, as hosts. In 1921 the first annual dinner for representative Iowa women, the Good-Will Dinner, was held with Dorothy Finkbine Sauers (daughter of W.O.) and her aunts Emilie and Marie Stapp of Massachusetts as hostesses. In 1972 the dinners were combined and designated the Finkbine Dinner of Representative Students. The purpose of the dinners was to enable the hosts and hostesses to become acquainted with each generation of campus leaders and for these leaders to know each other, all to the end of cementing firm and lasting ties to the University. So successful did he believe these dinners to be, Mr. Finkbine provided an endowment to perpetuate them.

To these dinners have come each year students chosen as campus leaders, those who have attended Finkbine Dinners in previous years, the president, deans, and other members of the University. Speeches are few, but conversation is predominant in the proceedings.

Mr. Finkbine hoped that the leaders of The University of Iowa’s constituencies: students, faculty, administration, and alumni would, on these occasions, come to have a better understanding of one another’s diverse interests and of their mutual concern for the traditions and vitality of the University.

The following awards are presented at the annual Finkbine Dinner:

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