Departmental Program Review

The Division of Student Life fosters student success by creating and promoting inclusive educationally purposeful services and activities within and beyond the classroom. The departmental program review process empowers departments within the Division of Student Life to critically evaluate their work and their effect on the student experience through a lens of continuous improvement. The review process is an opportunity for departments to take a comprehensive and critical look at the unit, to clearly state and evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and to outline a plan for future action.

Departmental Program Review Steps

  1. Pre-Review
  2. Self-Study
  3. Review by Program Review Committee
  4. Departmental Response and Action Plan

Reviews will be conducted every four to five years; the current review schedule can be found below. Full departmental program review guidelines can be found here

Program Review Schedule

Department  Timeline 
Office of the Dean of Students              Spring 2018 
University Counseling Service Spring 2018  
Center for Student Involvement & Leadership   Fall 2018
University Housing Spring 2019
University Dining Spring 2019
Student Health Fall 2019
Student Disability Services Fall 2019
Student Legal Services Spring 2020
Recreational Services Fall 2020
Student Wellness Fall 2020
Multicultural & International Student Support & Engagement Spring 2021
Human Resources Spring 2021
Women's Resource & Action Center Fall 2021
Assessment Fall 2021
Rape Victim Advocacy Program Spring 2022
Budget and Finance Spring 2022
Communication, Marketing, and Design Spring 2022
Office of the Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator Fall 2022
Iowa Memorial Union Fall 2022

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