Philip G. Hubbard Human Rights Award

hubbardThe Philip G. Hubbard Human Rights Award was established in 1981 in honor of Philip G. Hubbard, University of Iowa Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Academic Affairs from 1966-1989. Vice President Hubbard was selected as a faculty representative to serve on the first UI Human Rights Committee established in 1963, and dedicated himself to human rights and equal opportunity throughout his distinguished career. During the Spring semester, through an established nomination process, the Human Rights Committee selects a University of Iowa student who has made the most outstanding contribution in the area of human rights during the previous year, and who most exemplifies the principles held by Dr. Hubbard. The award consists of a plaque and a scholarship to be applied toward the student’s educational costs. Beginning in 2011 the award may be given to one undergraduate and one graduate/professional student who meet the established criteria at the discretion of the committee.

University of Iowa Human Rights Policy

The University of Iowa brings together in common pursuit of its educational goals persons of many nations, races, and creeds. The University is guided by the precepts that in no aspect of its programs shall there be differences in the treatment of persons because of race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and any other classification that deprives the person of consideration as an individual, and that equal opportunity and access to facilities shall be available to all. Among the classifications that deprive the person of consideration as an individual are those based on associational preference. These principles are expected to be observed in the internal policies and practices of the University; specifically in the admission, housing, and education of students; in policies governing programs of extracurricular life and activities; and in the employment of faculty and staff personnel. The University shall work cooperatively with the community in furthering these principles.

2014 Hubbard Award Recipients


Graduate/Professional Award
Hilary Moise, Graduate/Professional Student
Presenter: Carter Bell


Undergraduate Award
Simone Renault, Undergraduate
Presenter: Carter Bell


2013 Hubbard Award Recipients

Mauricio Cardona

Graduate/Professional Award
Mauricio Cardona, Law
Presenter: Greg Bal

Zach Heffernen

Undergraduate Award
Zach Heffernen, Tippie College of Business
Presenter: Greg Bal

2012 Hubbard Award Recipients

Kyra Adrenia Lenae Seay

Phillip G. Hubbard Human Rights Award
Kyra Adrenia Lenae Seay
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Greg Bal, Presenter

Janet Schlapkohl

Phillip G. Hubbard Human Rights Award
Janet Schlapkohl
Graduate College
Greg Bal, Presenter

Previous Hubbard Award Recipients

2013 Graduate/Professional: Mauricio Cardona          Undergraduate:  Zach Heffernen 

2012 Graduate: Janet Schlapkohl

2012 Undergraduate: Kyra Adenia Lanae Seay

2011 Jennifer Wang

2010 Rita Bettis

2009 Alexandra B. Keenan

2008 Kate Karacay

2007 Sehee Foss

2006 Eugenio Mollo, Jr.

2005 Girija Mahajan

2004 Thomas Gilsenan

2003 Ritu Bhatnagar

2002 Adam Hernandez

2001 Sydney Switzer

2000 Eric A. Richard

1999 Ned Bertz

1998 John-Paul Chaisson

1997 Julie Yuki Ralston

1996 Alfred Barbagallo

1995 Don L. Davis

1994 Jean Stuart Fallow

1993 Margo C. Melendez

1992 Njeri K. Fuller

1991 Raed Abu-HijLeh

1990 Scott Kayla Morrison

1989 Leroy V. Gee

1988 Maria Luisa “Papusa” Molina

1987 Mary Smith Arnold

1986 Jane Kelleher

1985 Kesho Scott

1983 Angelita D. Reyes

1982 Linda McGuire